Addmission Procedure

Gurukul Public School draws its strength from a 21 year track record of excellence.

Each year it attracts students who wish to follow the CBSE (New Delhi). Gurukul Public School offers complete and well balanced education to children from Pre-Primary to the Secondary level.
Pre-PrimaryPlay Group, Junior KG & Senior KG

PrimaryStd I - VII

SecondaryStd VIII - X

There are 2 divisions for each class and each division has a maximum of thirty-five students.

Admission Criteria
Admissions are done depending on the availability of seats.
Gurukul Public School strongly believes and encourages that every child should experience first hand it's distinct tradition and culture, by spending two days in the school prior to the final decision of paying fees. This will not only help the child to acclimatise to the unique Gurukul environment but also help in a deeper understanding of the academic and other challenges which she/he may face. This experience will help both the child and the parents to arrive at a well informed decision benefiting all in the process.
The age as on 1st June of the academic year for each class are as listed.

Play Group 2 yr 9 months - 3 yr 8 months
Junior KG 3 yr 9 months - 4 yr 8 months
Senior KG 4 yr 9 months - 5 yr 8 months
I - IIIs 5 yr 9 months - 8 yr 8 month
IV - VI 8 yr 9 months - 11 yr 8 months
On-line distribution of forms:
Play group - Begins on the first Saturday of December.
Junior KG to Class X - Begins on the first Saturday of March depending on the availability of seats.