Welcome To Gurukul Public School
Gurukul Public School was established in 2006-2007 that is located in the village "Kutesra" district Muzaffarnagar. It is 30km far from district head office.In starting,this institution was started with only 30 students...
Notice Board...
Update Date : 01/10/2019
Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 02.10.2019

Update Date : 03/10/2019
Hindi essay writing competition is organised on 05.10.2019

Update Date : 24/10/2019
Rangoli/Deep decoration competition is organised on 25.10.2019

Update Date : 15/11/2019
Periodic Test-III is conducted on 16.11.2019

Update Date : 01/12/2019
English essay writing competition is organised on 02.12.2019

Update Date : 20/12/2019
Maths & Aptitude competition is organised on 21.12.2019

Update Date : 18/01/2020
Pre-Board is conducted from 20.01.2020

Update Date : 25/01/2020
Republic Day is celebrated on 26.01.2020

Update Date : 24/02/2020
Annual examination (2019-20) is conducted from 25.02.2020

Update Date : 01.03.2020
New session (2020-21) is started on 1st April 2020

Update Date : 01.07.2020
Periodic test-I is conducted 01.06.2020

Update Date : 15.08.2020
Independence day is celebrated on 15.08.2020

Update Date : 05.09.2020
Teacher's day celebration is celebrated on 05.09.2020

Update Date : 14.09.2020
Half Yearly examination is conducted on 19.09.2020

From The Principal's Desk
Welcome to Gurukul Public School.

The role of a good educational temple is as important as own keenness and passion for success. I on behalf of Gurukul Public School will try my level best to provide the Gurukul’s wards with a crystal clear understanding of the challenges ahead and to provide a rich fusion of academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities to motivate holistic and all-around development of the learners capabilities.

Gurukul Public School is in the right sense ”a modern Gurukul institute in the locality which is imparting every essence of holistic education to its students”.
Mission Of The School
We are working not only for the intellectual, cultural and physical development of our children for the earliest stages but also the formation of character by including sound moral principles so that they could grow up as good children of God and responsible citizens of our country.

The aim of Gurukul system of education is to encourage students to adopt simple living and high thinking. Creating awareness among them about culture. Civilization and society, promoting their positive attitude, inculcating in them a sense of unity and providing high conduct of oriented education etc.